Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning carpets and upholstery can be a tedious and challenging task that requires external help! Trust us, MGD is that external help that will leave your products looking brand new without leaving behind those unwarranted chemical residues that do more harm than good (Fun Fact: Dirt and dust easily adheres to chemical residue). 


Carpets can be a pain when it comes to cleaning them, but no worries when MGD is here! Our technicians use the most technologically advanced methods to deep clean the carpet and make them look fresh and brand new—no stains, dirt, or odors. In fact, our most popular and loved proprietary maintenance technique not only repels dirt, grime but incubates bacteria too. The service makes carpet easy to manage, and clean and the procedure creates a barrier around the fibers, which forces the dirt to sit on the surface rather than seeping in, making vacuuming so much effective and efficient.

Our professional staff uses the best of the best cleaning agents that are EPA-approved, making the carpet’s life exceptionally long without making it look faded or used.

Moreover, this service is provided caters to all market areas, from residential to commercial, from small to extremely large carpets, from stick on to removable we clean them all. And we understand that every carpet is different and requires a different type of attention and care; that is why before cleaning, we inspect the carpet thoroughly, and then based on our understanding, we treat them in the best way possible.

So no more worrying, get yourself carpets and leave the cleaning business to us! Welcome aesthetic and class with confidence! 


Furniture is expensive, and cleaning them can be even more costly. Cleaning at home on your own is never a good option as it damages it more. We at MGD are trained, experienced professionals who know how to clean the products and with what. We ensure deep cleaning and removing of stains, dust, and more without compromising the overall look of your furniture.

Whether residential furniture or office or any other, our cleaning is off top quality and worth every penny, and we offer completely safe and non-toxic options safe for kids and pets. And the best part, your furniture will look new every time, which will increase its life and the overall look of your place at an affordable price point. So no more compromising, anymore! Get your furniture clean and make them look as good as new now!

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Best Cleaning Service in Los Angeles

Azi R.
Azi R.Santa Monica, CA
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Amazing job and super polite workers. Thank you so much for making my floors so nice and clean. They literally made it happen so seamless. See you in 3 months as we love the floors very clean.
Blake B.
Blake B.Los Angeles, CA
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I thought I was finished with every cleaning company I called or even hired, but it was until I found Mike! My two story clinic needed cleaning very bad, & every person I called to come did such a terrible and no effort job. Mike does work like no other cleaning company, he excels in every aspect of it and shows other companies what effort actually means.
Michael O.
Michael O.Los Angeles, CA
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Mike has done a lot of work for us - many different handyman-type jobs including plumbing (such as toilet installation) and others. He has always been prompt, done the work quickly, and done it all very well. He's honest, personable, highly skilled, and highly professional. I'd recommend him with great confidence.
ADRIEL L.Los Angeles, CA
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I need a pressure washer to come asap for an emergency. Mike came out right away. He charged me reasonably and did the job well even in the hard rain. Mike is a very good guy and honest. I will definitely use hin again and refer him to others.